The Lord's Watchman: A Life of Edward Irving (1792-1834) by Tim Grass

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The Lord's Watchman: A Life of Edward Irving (1792-1834)

The Lord's Watchman: A Life of Edward Irving (1792-1834) Tim Grass

Published October 9th 2012

ISBN : 9781620326206


356 pages

The nineteenth-century Scottish theologian Edward Irving has been the subject of a remarkable resurgence of interest in recentdecades, but many studies focus on specific aspects of his thought. This biographyportrays Irving's life and ministry as a whole, drawing on previously unused letters as well as his published writings to offer a readable and well-grounded narrative. Apart from the personal interest of this story, Irving's thought and practice as a preacher and pastoral theologian remains worthy of serious attention.

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Tim Grass

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  • The Lord's Watchman: A Life of Edward Irving (1792-1834)

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Gadoury Auction 2014, Lot 474 : Troisième 6 déc. The Lord's Watchman: A Life of Edward Irving (1792-1834)

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Her Life A Edward Irving Lord's The (1792-1834) Watchman: of kind

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