The Maesta Panels (Denary Novels Book 1) by Mark Vinet

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The Maesta Panels (Denary Novels Book 1)

The Maesta Panels (Denary Novels Book 1) Mark Vinet

Published June 29th 2017


Kindle Edition

206 pages

Da Vinci Code meets Mission Impossible in this exciting international murder mystery and historical suspense thriller. Successful non-fiction author MARK VINET presents his debut novel "The Maesta Panels", an intelligently crafted page-turner about family, greed and intrigue. Embark on an incredible journey from NYC's Empire State Building to Northern Italy in the search for religious art treasures that have been lost for centuries... the Maesta Panels. American investigator David Wade and his global team of fascinating experts, Denary, criss-cross the Italian jewel cities of Milan, Siena, Bologna, Padua and Florence (Tuscany) on a dangerous mission to solve an early renaissance enigma amidst violence, betrayal and witchcraft. Beautiful fashion designer Julia Cartier is also caught up in the action and determined to help solve the puzzle of the missing masterpieces. This fast-paced adventure turns back the clock to the year 1302—a world on the brink of rebirth—a Renaissance in ideas, art and architecture led by the Masters Duccio and Giotto in the lands of Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo, Botticelli, Brunelleschi, Medici, Galileo, Dante, Borgia, and Machiavelli.

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Mark Vinet

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The Maesta Panels (Denary Novels Book 1) by Mark Vinet 3 Julia Phillips Cohen, Between Civic and Islamic Ottomanism: Jewish Imperial Citizen.

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    Mark Vinet The Maesta Panels (Denary Novels Book 1) God demonstrates His love for us while we were still sinners in that Christ died for us.

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