Married to Millie: The Humble Life of Herb Monroe by Jane Nice

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Married to Millie: The Humble Life of Herb Monroe

Married to Millie: The Humble Life of Herb Monroe Jane Nice

Published 2014

ISBN : 9780692019924


801 pages

In Married to Millie: The Humble Life of Herb Monroe, I have recounted all 98 years of a remarkable man's time spent on earth. The idea for the book began after Herb won Ohio's Elder Caregiver of the Year in 1997, and I became curious about how this elderly man who went to my church had sustained his positive attitude, cheerful nature, and devotion to his wife while he cared for her throughout her Alzheimer's disease. Five years after she passed, I convinced him that sharing his story would help others, and he agreed to let me research his life. Herb and I were not related by blood, but rather friendship, as I spent 10 years interviewing him to write his biography. I discovered that he had endured much tragedy in his life--the loss of his brother to a brain tumor and his oldest son to drowning both in the spring of 1949. Then during the time when I was interviewing him, he lost his only surviving sibling--also to a brain tumor--and another son to a massive heart attack at the age of 64. I witnessed how Herb's sense of humor, love of people and commitment to God helped him not only cope with his own setbacks but serve as a hope to others. Herb always remembered a name as well as a face, and cared enough about people to recall the details of their lives in subsequent conversations, no matter how much he was suffering himself.

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Jane Nice

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  • Married to Millie: The Humble Life of Herb Monroe

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