A Pirate in My Soup by Philip A Edwards, Jacqueline Edwards

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A Pirate in My Soup

A Pirate in My Soup Philip A Edwards, Jacqueline Edwards

Published January 27th 2013

ISBN : 9781480159044


156 pages

Have you ever heard of a pirate so small he could swim in a bowl of soup, ride on the back of a small dog, and fly on the wings of a parrot? A man so small he can sneak beneath the noses of regular folks, gaining advantage while facing unusual dangers most of us can hardly imagine. This is the remarkable tale of such a brave and dauntless soul. A young sailor living life on the high seas is learning to become a man. On his way to a new assignment, walking the road to Portsmouth, he chances upon a tricky pixie, who feigns distress, only to pass judgment on him, when he spurns her. His sentence for being selfish and arrogant? To live the rest of his life as the tiniest pirate in the world. In his minuscule ministrations, he must now find a way to reverse the spell and regain his rightful size. He recruits help from a variety of creatures along the way, forming a troupe of unlikely warriors for the challenges he must face. After his transformation, Edward meets Arman the young son of the beautiful Jacquette. She and Arman are owners of an inn, who have been enslaved by a nefarious pirate, called "The Captain". Unsuccessful in their first attempt, to overthrow the evil man, they seek out help from an old apothecary. The intrigue continues as the apothecary divulges secrets of his own, and in the process becomes invaluable for their quest to find the pixie, overcome her power, turn Edward to his right size and save the day for Arman and his mother. In their journey to find the pixie, Edward learns love, compassion and what a man, no matter what his size, can do with the help of loyal friends.

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Philip A Edwards, Jacqueline Edwards

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    Maybe you ve let go of a treasured passion like my friend Bill Gerlach. A Pirate in My Soup

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