The Hurrell Style: 50 Years Of Photographing Hollywood by George Hurrell

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The Hurrell Style: 50 Years Of Photographing Hollywood

The Hurrell Style: 50 Years Of Photographing Hollywood George Hurrell


ISBN : 9780381982935


From DJ flap - From the 1920s to today, the photographs of George Hurrell have epitomized the glamour and style of Hollywood stars. This book depicts the work, techniques, and the actors and actresses involved in the Hurrell style. This volume combines text with 190 photographs. It shows the glamour of Hollywood, the beauty of its stars, the vision that created them. (Description by http-mart)

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The Hurrell Style: 50 Years Of Photographing Hollywood George Hurrell Practiced Upon the Prepuce a History of Eunuchism, Operations Practiced upon the Prepuce.

George Hurrell

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