Miles Davis, Miles Smiles, and the Invention of Post Bop by Jeremy Yudkin

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Miles Davis, Miles Smiles, and the Invention of Post Bop

Miles Davis, Miles Smiles, and the Invention of Post Bop Jeremy Yudkin

Published November 1st 2007

ISBN : 9780253219527


184 pages

Focusing on one of the legendary musicians in jazz, this book examines Miles Davis's often overlooked music of the mid-1960s with a close examination of the evolution of a new style: post bop. Jeremy Yudkin traces Davis's life and work during a period when the trumpeter was struggling with personal and musical challenges only to emerge once again as the artistic leader of his generation.A major force in post-war American jazz, Miles Davis was a pioneer of cool jazz, hard bop, and modal jazz in a variety of small group formats. The formation in the mid-1960s of the Second Quintet with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams was vital to the invention of the new post bop style. Yudkin illustrates and precisely defines this style with an analysis of the 1966 classic Miles Smiles.

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  • Miles Davis, Miles Smiles, and the Invention of Post Bop

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