Rachid Ghannouchi: A Democrat Within Islamism by Azzam S. Tamimi

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Rachid Ghannouchi: A Democrat Within Islamism

Rachid Ghannouchi: A Democrat Within Islamism Azzam S. Tamimi

Published November 15th 2001

ISBN : 9780195140002


268 pages

Tamimi introduces the thought of Sheikh Rachid Ghannouchi, the renowned Islamist political activist who heads Tunisia's most important--albeit banned--Islamist political opposition to the current authoritarian regime of Zine Abidine Ben Ali. Ghannouchi is the leader of a school in modern Islamic political thought that advocates democracy and pluralism. While insisting on the compatibility of democracy with Islam, he believes that because of their secular foundations, contemporary forms of liberal democracy may not suit Muslim societies. Ghannouchi insists, however, that Islam is compatible with Western thought in matters concerning the system of government, human rights, and civil liberties.

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Azzam S. Tamimi

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