A Long Way Back (Barbara's War, #4) by Fenella J. Miller

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A Long Way Back (Barbara's War, #4)

A Long Way Back (Barbara's War, #4) Fenella J. Miller

Published June 9th 2020


Kindle Edition

87 pages

A Long Way Back is the fourth book in the Barbara's War series. Alex Everton, Barbara's husband, now has his own story and it fills in the months he was missing, presumed dead.For Squadron Leader Alex Everton dogfights in his Spitfire are a piece of cake compared to being an evader. It’s a long way back to Blighty.A raid over Dieppe seems like a piece of cake for Squadron Leader Alex Everton. His squadron is in reserve—but the Luftwaffe have other ideas. When his Spitfire is shot down Alex bales out expecting to drown or be incarcerated in a German prisoner of war camp for the duration. Instead, he becomes an evader—if his luck holds he will be home with his beloved wife Babs eventually. It is a long way from Dieppe to Gibraltar and his journey is fraught with danger, disaster and difficulty.

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Fenella J. Miller

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  • Fenella J. Miller

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    A Long Way Back (Barbara's War, #4) Fenella J. Miller Rail Stations From America s New Golden Age of Train Travel5 Jun 2014.

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